Aish HaTorah's Discovery Seminar
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Celebrity Endorsements

clintonPresident Bill Clinton:
"Congratulations to Aish HaTorah on its 20th anniversary, and to its founder Rabbi Noah Weinberg, for success in educating Jews about the power of their history and the strength of their tradition."
spielindexSteven Spielberg:
"Thank you Aish HaTorah for the good work you do and the message you put out. I could have used you in my life about 25 years ago."

herzogChaim Herzog, Former President of Israel:
"Aish HaTorah has become a remarkably energetic and effective force for the transmission of the Jewish heritage."

wiesel01Elie Wiesel, Author, Nobel Prize Laureate:
"Aish HaTorah means to me the passion of Torah, the passion of teaching, the passion of learning. The study of the Torah, the source of Jewish values, is the way to Jewish survival."
smdpmSenator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, New York:
"Aish HaTorah represents the voice of calm Torah reason in an all-too confused and polarized world. It has made historic contributions to Israeli society and world Jewry and it is my pleasure to identify with this splendid center of scholarship and communal involvement."

Reactions from Discovery participants

"The depth and breadth of the information presented was overwhelming - intellectually and spiritually. I could spend a year and feel like I've barely scratched the surface."
Hank Brandon

"I've absolutely loved every minute of this weekend -- something I didn't plan on. What it's done has been to make me want to learn more."
Gladys Grey

"It worked! I learned, learned and learned. I loved every part of it and would like more! Discovery even touched my 14-year-old. That was the best part."
Gail Slater

"This seminar is a must for all Jews."
Larry Smith

"This seminar has reminded me of what it really means to be Jewish."
Carol Rothenberg

"I feel very special right now about being a Jew, and I hope I can encourage the people that are closest to me to come to Discovery and feel 'special' too."
Rob Daley