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The Five Levels of Pleasure

Embedded within the psyche of many lies the notion that material comforts and stable interpersonal relationships represent the "be all and end all" of what life has to offer. The concepts of meaning, leadership and transcendental experience are beyond the grasp of mundane, "real" life. The intent of this class is to establish a hierarchy of pleasure, from material to esoteric; to enable the student to reassess his perception of what life has to offer.

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5 Levels of Pleasure

The Jewish Intellectual

The intelligent person can process information quickly. The intellectual has developed the skills to think through a concept in its entirety, arrive at a conclusion and live with that conclusion, in spite of his emotional drives and convictions. This class will explore the process of intellectual thought and the implications of living with an integrated awareness and understanding of one's conclusions.

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Intuition, Education and Misconceptions: the ABC's of Judaism

Language plays a critical role in one's conceptual understanding. The heavy influence of Christian theology in Western society is the source of a host of misconceptions and inaccuracies when rendering core Jewish beliefs into English. Focus: to redefine key concepts, "sin," "pleasure," "Torah," and to analyze the intuitive nature of truth and potential. Related Links:

4 Misconceptions Jews have about Judaism

Is There a God and What's the Difference?

The existence of God is a question that has baffled philosophers, theologians and others since time immemorial. This class will address the hard questions head-on. In particular, it will ask: Does God exist and if so how do we know? And what are the implications of having God in the world? Related Links:

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What Happened At Sinai?

Does acceptance of Judaism's claim that God spoke at Sinai demand a leap of blind faith? This class explores the Jewish perspective on making decisions based on logic and a preponderance of evidence, and examines how the Jewish claim differs from all world religions.

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The Seven Wonders of Jewish History

The Jewish People are an eternal riddle. How is it that Jews have survived longer than any group in the world and often under the worst of circumstances? Are they the Chosen People? And if so, why are they so hated? Are they worldly activists or scholarly "People of the Book?" The contradictions of Jewish history are the basis for an exhilarating edge-of-the-seat adventure.

The Seven Wonders of Jewish History

The Five Levels of Free Will

Free will is a concept pregnant with theological, philosophical and moral implications. A revolutionary insight of Torah Judaism is that free will is one's opportunity to chose to fulfill his potential. This class will not deal with the philosophical paradox of an all-knowing G-d and man's "seeming" independence. Rather, it will be presented from the perspective of "realistic perception;" that all of life is a series of choices. In particular, this class will map out the Torah system for choice, growth and spiritual fulfillment.

Free Will – Our greatest power