Hesder Yeshiva
In the heart of Jerusalem's old city, Aish HaTorah has opened a new 'Hesder' Yeshiva, combining army service, Torah study, and outreach training for Israel's future leaders.


Hesder is a special five year program for Israeli Citizens who desire to combine learning Torah and Army service. Students learn for a year and ten months serve in the army for a year and four months and return to the Yeshiva for another year and ten months.



Machal is an army-volunteer program for foreign Citizens, where they learn in a Hesder yeshiva one year followed by nine months of army service in a Hesder unit. Additionally, a special leadership course is given by Aish, to help create strong Jewish leaders for the Diaspora.

A Rigorous Daily Schedule

The day begins with small individualized Mussar classes , followed by several hours of intense Talmud study. Students also attend a daily 'Daf yomi' course, designed to provide a broad overview of Talmudic concepts. Other classes include Chumash, Prophets, Jewish Law, Philosophy, and Emunah. The flexible night schedule allows students the opportunity to review their studies and explore other areas of personal interest. All of the classes are of course in Hebrew.

In Depth Talmud study

Every morning is dedicated to in-indepth study of the Talmud. The goal is to equip every student with a comprehensive learning methodology. Classical and modern commentaries are used to help develop strong analytic skills, clarity on the legal topic being discussed, and, ultimately, an understanding of the practical application in Jewish law.


The Rabbinical Faculty includes some of the most eminent teachers in Jewish education: Rabbi Tzvi Schwartz formerly from Gush Katif (senior lecturer for El Ami), Rabbi Rami Glikshtein ( senior Lecturer for the I.D.F.) Rabbi Ari Cohen (associate director of the Halaca Brura Institution) and others.

Rabbinical ordination

The Hesder program offers structured guidance and preparation for Smicha (rabbinical Ordination) from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Outreach Training for Future Leaders

The spiritual crisis facing the Jewish people around the world, has also impacted the Jews living in Israel. Aish HaTorah has years of proven success in inspiring Jews to reconnect with their heritage. The new hesder program is providing its young scholars with the tools needed to address this problem in Israel's unique society. The training will prepare them to develop and pursue their own outreach initiatives. At the end of their schooling, they will be given the opportunity to join the battle to ignite Jewish pride in Israel or abroad.

We invite you to join us, and become partners in building our exclusive Hesder Yeshiva.

For more information please contact Rabbi Baruch Tretiak
011-972-52-860-0062 btretiak@aish.com