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Agricultural moshav (kibbutz)

Picking and eating our own oranges in the orchard

Smiling duo

Lunch in Abraham/s Tent, Judean Desert

Making our own pitas

By the bonfires at Meron on Lag B'Omer

Unusual Tour of the Old City

Sparkling Gems on the Gem 7 Israel Trip

Lasting friendships

Gather from Seattle, Australia, Albuquerque, Toronto, etc.

Farewell Dinner...sweet ending to another amazing trip

Trumpet Rd, Jewish Qtr

Lunch at Menorah - Most of the GEM gang grabbing a bite to eat. (from left: Deb, Judy, Susan, Theda, Bonnie, Francie)



Machaneh Yehuda market

challah making

challah making


Near Holy of Holies, Western Wall tunnels

Western Wall prayers

Rebbetzin's home in Muslim Qtr, Old City

Visiting Rebecca Shore, renowned artist, in her Old City studio/home.

Soldiers in Kotel Tunnel tour.

Gem's fit right into the Second Temple Period mural!

View of the Temple Mount in the Old City from Mount of Olives

In Hebron, entering the Museum of the 1929 Arab Riots

Picnic lunch in Hebron, by Herod's building over the burial caves of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

Rachelís Tomb

In the terrace garden of an Old City home...relaxing place to grow.

Learning in an Old City home

In the Old City, Jewish Quarter Square known as "The Rova"

Yochanan Ben Zachai Sephardi Synagogue in the Old City

View 2, Yochanan Ben Zachai Synagogue in the Old City

Jewish Quarter Road in the Old City

At the Western Wall, "The Kotel"