Intermediate Beis Medrash

Some of the highlighted parts of our program include:

Aish Hashkafa - Learn about Jewish philosophy from Aish's world renowned teachers, such as Rabbi Moshe Zeldman.

Ulpan - Master the Hebrew language. We offer 3 levels of Ulpan, taught in an easy and user-friendly fashion.

Gemara - Learn Gemara at your own level. The program includes 4 levels of Gemara study, ranging from an Intro to Gemara class, to more advanced, where students gain independence in their skills and learning.

Navi - In depth study of the prophets. Take an exciting, passionate journey with Rabbi Dovid Lichtman exploring the prophets and commentaries.

The IBMP offers a few different levels of learning. Each student works with the staff to determine which classes would be appropriate for his level, depending on his skills and knowledge upon arrival.