Intermediate Beis Medrash

The Dan Family Building of Aish HaTorah is located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem (about 100 meters from the Kotel!). The Dan Family Building is our main academic center and it contains a large Beis Medrash, smaller lecture halls, classrooms, a Hebrew/English library, and a beautiful dining room.

The dormitories consist of a fully furnished facility located in the Jewish Quarter. The dorm is beautifully appointed and has all the luxuries of home including laundry facilities. There are dorm counselors living on premises and security is always our first priority. Delicious meals are served every day throughout the year, prepared by our "master of the arts" Chef Herschel.

At Aish, we are proud of our low student-to-staff ratio. Our unique advisor program ensures that each student has Rabbi to be his mentor and help him as he grows.

We offer exciting trips, where students spend time together with their Rebbeim in a relaxed atmosphere, and have the opportunity to see some of the important historical sites around the country.